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Automatic Backups

Rewind automatically backs up the data from your online apps and puts it in our secure Rewind Vault™. For some apps, real time monitoring is available, with items being backed up instantly as they change.

Rewind Easily

Rewind an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you. You can Rewind to the latest version, or any date and time.

Completely Secure

Rewind was designed from the ground up to be completely secure. Connections are always made securely, and your data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™.

Multiple Cloud Apps

A backup solution for Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks, Xero and more coming soon.

Easy Setup

Connect your online services and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically as your data changes.

Save To Rewind Vault

All your items are saved to our secure Rewind Vault™, and you can browse it at any time.

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Click to install Rewind in your Shopify store Click here to install Rewind on your BigCommerce site

Why You Need A Backup

It's In The Cloud! Why Bother Backing It Up?

Online services are great for providing apps that we use every day. They're useful, secure, and big businesses rely on them daily. However, disasters still happen. App stores, multiple users, and human error are all potential sources of problems when it comes to online data.

Cloud services like Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks, and Xero backup their data, but don't provide a way for their customers to access those backups.

Rewind helps protect your online accounts by backing up your data and providing an easy way to rewind unwanted changes that are made to your store. With Rewind, you can instantly rewind your store to the way it was before the problem occurred, saving you hundreds or thousands of hours of hard work.

Complete Data Freedom

Take Control of Your Online Data

Rewind helps you take control of your online data by replicating it in the cloud. Our secure Rewind Vault contains a a complete history of your data, including previous versions that are no longer active.

You've spent days, maybe weeks, entering data into the online apps you use. Take control of your online data and protect it and ensure that it won't be lost.

Magic Undo ®

The Easiest and Fastest Way To Undo Changes To Your Store

Rewind is constantly monitoring your online accounts for changes, and storing those changes in the Rewind Vault.

With Magic Undo, you can easily see those changes, and then instantly undo anything that you don't want. Rewind with Magic Undo shows you a history of all your changes, and allows you to undo any unwanted changes with a single click. Undo one change or multiple changes - it's up to you.

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Click to install Rewind in your Shopify store Click here to install Rewind on your BigCommerce site

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