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QuickBooks Online Backups You Can Count On

Rewind automatically backs up new changes in your QuickBooks Online account – protecting your most important financial data. Recover from small mistakes and huge disasters in minutes.

Clients depend on you to keep their financial records safe

Your clients are trusting their financial data in your hands and in the cloud accounting software of your choice. If something were to happen to their QuickBooks Online files, even if it’s not your fault, the client will depend on you to help them recover their data.

Unfortunately, mistakes and data disasters are inevitable.

What causes financial data loss?

Human Error

Maybe it’s a new transaction that didn’t work as planned, accidentally deleting the wrong journal entry, or a client making changes to their file without consulting you. Mistakes happen.

Malicious Attacks

The risk of a random attack by a hacker is a legitimate concern for any online business. But malicious attacks are just as likely from a disgruntled employee or contractor.

Software Glitches

The most common offenders are integrations with 3rd party software (ex. document management app) and CSV imports. They can make large, unwanted changes to your store.

Intuit support does not have the ability to restore your company files to a previous version.

Protect Your Time and Your Clients’ Business

Rewind is like an insurance plan to protect yourself and your clients from data disasters – which otherwise take weeks to fix and jeopordize financial records.

One less thing to worry about

A continuous, automated backup

Just set Rewind and forget it – we backup new changes made to your company file in near real-time. You never have to remember to run a backup.

World-class support

We’ve felt the pain of data loss – when it happens, you just want things to be back to normal as soon as possible. Our support and engineering team is dedicated to helping you right away.

Install in seconds

Create a Rewind account and follow the instructions to link one QuickBooks Online account or hundreds that you manage. Your first backup will start right away. That’s all you have to do – we take care of the rest.

Recover from small mistakes or big disasters in minutes – instead of spending weeks rebuilding.

Security and recovery

Completely secure

Connections to QuickBooks Online are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™.

Keep data stored for auditing

When it’s time to close your QuickBooks Online account, but you still need to keep a record of the data for several years, you can keep it stored in Rewind at a much lower cost. No need to continue paying the QuickBooks Online subscription.

Flexible data restores

Rewind gives you complete flexibility over how you restore your data: rewind a single item, multiple items, or your company file to a previous point in time with just a few clicks. Watch your data be restored before your very eyes.

FAQ: What does Rewind backup for QuickBooks Online?
Your Rewind backup includes:

Transactions: Bills, Bill Payments, Credit Memos, Deposits, Estimates, Invoices, Journal Entries, Payments, Purchases, Purchase Orders, Refund Receipts, Sales Receipts, Time Activities, Transfers, Vendors

Lists: Accounts, Attachments, Classes, Customers, Departments, Employees (except SSN field), Items, Journal Codes (France only), Payment Methods, Terms, Vendors

Other: Budgets, Currencies, Tax Agencies, Tax Codes, Tax Rates, Preferences

For a more detailed list of properties we backup, visit this help document.

FAQ: When does Rewind run a backup?
For QuickBooks Online, Rewind records new changes within minutes of you making them. You also have the option to run a manual backup at anytime. This ensures that every change you make is almost instantly reflected in your Rewind Vault.

What accounting professionals are saying

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Perfect for those “oops” moments

I love that you can restore previous versions of specific types of transactions without losing all of the “good” entries you’ve just posted (ie you can rewind to a previous products and services list if bulk changes were made in error or a bunch of things went missing die to whatever glitch when integrating an app). I highly recommend Rewind when training and onboarding new clients.

– Richelle Skrilec

I can bring back deleted transactions!

My favorite thing about Rewind.io is that you can restore individual transactions. So if you’ve deleted a transaction and have to recreate it, you can log into Rewind instead, and simply click a button. Sooo handy!

– Alicia Pollock

Backup your data with Rewind

Rewind is awesome. Extremely easy to use and the interface is easily understandable. No business should run the risk of data loss. Rewind removes that risk. We use it with our clients to ensure proper data backup.

The Rewind team is amazing, too! They’re super attentive to any questions you have and are always looking for feedback to continually make their product better and more user-friendly. Highly, highly recommend!

– Blueprint Accounting

Get peace of mind – at a fair price

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