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6 Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Ecommerce Store

We compiled the six most common situations in which you’ll be glad you had a backup.

How to Duplicate a Shopify Store in Minutes

Our complete guide to copying a Shopify store to help you manage multiple stores, open a test store, or create a wholesale account.

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5 Ecommerce Automation Tools To Optimize Your Time

If you work in eCommerce for giant corporations like Amazon or Pepsi that can throw an unlimited amount of workers at any time-consuming problem, then this article isn’t for you. Rather, if you’re like 99% of most businesses that have a growing internet...

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Why We Started Rewind: Cloud Backups for SaaS Apps

I’m a data backup fanatic, with backups to my backups - and backups to those backups. But this wasn’t always the case. While working at Adobe as a Technical Evangelist a few years ago, I was giving a presentation at a PHP conference to a few hundred developers and my...

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