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Stories and ideas about data security and backups.


6 Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Ecommerce Store

We compiled the six most common situations in which you’ll be glad you had a backup.

How to Duplicate a Shopify Store in Minutes

Our complete guide to copying a Shopify store to help you manage multiple stores, open a test store, or create a wholesale account.

Watch Rewind’s Talk at Shopify Unite with Dave North

Shopify Unite is an annual conference where Shopify developers and partners come together to celebrate accomplishments as a community and get a first glance at the latest Shopify product features. Our team has been attending Shopify Unite for the past four years. As...

Simple Caching in AWS Lambda Functions

We process quite a large amount of webhooks from online SAAS applications at Rewind. Webhooks are triggered for us by the web apps we backup whenever something changes (ie. in a Shopify store, if an item changes we receive a webhook for the item). When we receive the...

Stop Working from Coffee Shops (Without a VPN Connection)

As a backup provider, Rewind understands the value of keeping your data secure as it is the backbone of your business operations. Taking steps to ensure your data is safe while using the Internet is also extremely important! Using a Virtual Personal Network (VPN) can...

Adding an HTTP Audit Log to a Ruby Application

Application logs are awesome. A user just started backing up their store? Nice! An error just happened in the system? Boo! Logger.error. A well-written application-level log can greatly help debug issues and allow you to follow along with what is...

Harnessing The Power of Data… and The Iron Throne

We’re two weeks away from the most anticipated event of 2019. And no- it’s not another Apple announcement. You guessed it. Winter is HERE ladies and gents. The Game of Thrones Final Season is upon us! And as we prepare for the ultimate song of fire and ice, we bring...

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