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How to Duplicate a Shopify Store in Minutes

Whether you have an established ecommerce brand and you’re ready to take it to the next level, or you’re a Shopify developer working with clients, at a certain point you are faced with a big challenge: how do I duplicate my entire Shopify store to a new account? There...

How to Recover Deleted Shopify Blogs (Without a backup)

A good backup is the easiest way to recover data. However, sometimes you don't have a backup and need to recover your data. A few weeks ago we ran into that situation. A customer installed our Shopify backup app Rewind after they had accidentally deleted their blog -...

Why Every Shopify Owner Needs a Development Store

How your Shopify store looks says a lot about your brand, and Shopify understands your need for creative theme designs. Thus, the Shopify theme store features a variety of professionally designed free and paid-for themes that can elevate your store from average to...

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