Ottawa, Canada – November 20, 2020: Rewind, a leader in data control solutions for eCommerce, today announced the launch of Copy for BigCommerce (Nasdaq: BIGC). It lets merchants automatically transfer products between multiple sites. Merchants no longer need to waste hours or days manually transferring product information to a new store or a staging site.

“Copy for BigCommerce allows me to focus on other aspects of the store, such as speed and design, that directly affect conversion,” said Konstantine Tavadze, Software Developer from Ippolita, “Having the same data on staging and production allows us to better test all the new features and updates before deploying to production.”

By the end of 2021, according to Statista, over one-quarter of the world’s population will be shopping online. Merchants are looking to expand into new markets and consistently experiment with digital stores. Until now, the most common way to recreate a store was by manually moving CSV files. Konstantine Tvadaze says this process took hours or possibly days, “We realized pretty early using spreadsheets to manually update data is definitely not ideal, so an app like Copy is sorely needed”, says Tavadze.

Rewind Copy for BigCommerce gives online retailers the power to automatically copy and transfer products, saving a significant amount of time and resources.

“In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, customer-focused brands need to be able to quickly adapt to online shoppers’ evolving preferences and habits in order to stay competitive,” said Russell Klein, chief commercial officer at BigCommerce. “Rewind Copy is purpose-built for BigCommerce Enterprise merchants, enabling them to easily re-create and deploy their online storefronts in a risk-free sandbox environment so they can accurately test new shopping experiences and ensure that updates work seamlessly for their customers.”

Rewind is on a mission to protect the cloud data used by businesses every day. Many SaaS tools follow the Shared Responsibility Model of cloud computing security. This means some cloud tools protect their software and infrastructure and account holders are responsible for protecting the data they rely on for critical decisions. A recent survey by Oracle & KPMG suggests that only 8% of respondents understood their obligations under the Shared Responsibility model. In the 2020 Data Protection report, respondents most frequently reported that human error, cyber-attacks, and third-party app integrations were significant threats to data in their online stores.

Rewind was recently named one of Canada’s “Top Growing Companies” by the Globe & Mail and bestowed the 2020 Merchant’s Choice award by BigCommerce. Across all the platforms, Rewind has received over 1,000 5-star ratings from customers.

About Rewind

Since 2015, Rewind has been on a mission to help small and medium businesses protect their vital business data. Today, over 15,000 customers in more than 90 countries use Rewind’s top-reviewed apps and support to ensure their software-as-as-service applications run uninterrupted. The Rewind platform which consists of Backups, Restores and Copy, gives companies the tools they need to protect their data.

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