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Our engineers sharing what they’ve learned while solving interesting data problems.

Feature Flagging in Ruby Using EightBall

Your team is working on a revolutionary new feature. It’s a very exciting time at work, but you know that, no matter how many precautions you put in place and how many tests you write, introducing a brand new feature to the production environment always carries at...

Automatic CloudFront Invalidation for S3 Origins

Welcome to the first post on the Rewind engineering blog.  We’re hoping to share some of the interesting technology problems we’re solving and solutions we’ve come up with. To kick things off, here’s a small solution to a common problem - automatically forcing a...

How to Recover Deleted Shopify Blogs (Without a backup)

A good backup is the easiest way to recover data. However, sometimes you don't have a backup and need to recover your data. A few weeks ago we ran into that situation. A customer installed our Shopify backup app Rewind after they had accidentally deleted their blog -...

Handle Shopify Webhooks Without a Server

Our app, Rewind, is a backup application for Shopify stores — it’s a bit like Time Machine for Shopify. We use webhooks to enable a feature we call real time backups, which allows us to backup any changes that customers make to some Shopify items (in real time). One...

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