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Shopify Store Backup: 3 Ways to Backup Your Shopify Store

Having a backup for your Shopify store is a recommended best practice to ensure the security of your business-critical data. It’s like an ecommerce insurance policy for your online store. And there is no feeling that is worse than deleting something and knowing that...

How To Calculate Your Ecommerce Downtime Cost

If your revenue is entirely dependent on selling online, then downtime is the Joker to your Batman. When your online store isn’t functioning properly, even for as little as 30 minutes, you are turning customers away at the door. Any extended period of downtime will...

5 Ecommerce Automation Tools To Optimize Your Time

If you work in eCommerce for giant corporations like Amazon or Pepsi that can throw an unlimited amount of workers at any time-consuming problem, then this article isn’t for you. Rather, if you’re like 99% of most businesses that have a growing internet storefront but...

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