Company Name: Norse Spirit



Rewind: Tell us a little bit about your business.

Norse Spirit: We sell Norse and Viking inspired jewelry and accessories worldwide.

Rewind: To date, what has been your biggest success in building your email list?

Norse Spirit: We have used a number of different apps on our website. So far, Wheelio has generated the bulk of our email contacts.

Rewind: How important has your email list been in engaging your audience and/or generating revenue?

Norse Spirit: Email marketing has been hugely important. We send out daily emails to all of our subscribers featuring our products. We also send out regular emails featuring sales events and other important [updates].

Rewind: Besides backing up your Mailchimp account with Rewind, what other email automation tools or best email practices would you recommend to other e-commerce merchants?

Norse Spirit: Mailchimp allows us to segment our audience depending on how likely they are to interact with our emails. We regularly clear down ‘unengaged’ subscribers. This keeps our costs down and also makes sure that we get good open rates which in turn makes it less likely that Google will treat our emails as junk.

Rewind: How does it make you feel knowing that your Mailchimp account is backed up?

Norse Spirit: We regularly make bulk changes to our subscriber list. It’s good to know that we can always turn the clock back if we’ve made a mistake.

Key Takeaways

  • Wheelio is a powerful tool for growing your Mailchimp subscriber list.
  • Regularly cleaning your subscriber list cuts down your Mailchimp costs and lessens the chances of promotional emails ending up in “Junk” folders.
    • Having your Mailchimp email database backed up with Rewind gives you peace of mind when making regular changes to your list.
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