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Stories and ideas about data security and backups.


6 Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Ecommerce Store

We compiled the six most common situations in which you’ll be glad you had a backup.

How to Duplicate a Shopify Store in Minutes

Our complete guide to copying a Shopify store to help you manage multiple stores, open a test store, or create a wholesale account.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Password Security

Are you reusing the same old password for all your online accounts? You're not alone as most people tend to rotate between a couple of the same passwords for years. But this habit puts your personal information and your business at a huge risk. Reusing the same...

How To Backup QuickBooks Online [In 3 Easy Steps]

It's no secret that Intuit is encouraging their users to switch from QuickBooks desktop to online. QuickBooks Online is accessible remotely, there are regular software updates, you can streamline your processes using 3rd party apps, and it makes it infinitely easier...

5 Game-Changing Additions to Your BigCommerce Rewind Vault

Since launching Rewind Backups for BigCommerce earlier this year, you have been providing us with incredible feedback about our app, particularly with regard to your Rewind Vault. The most common feature request from you was the ability to backup more individual items...

How To Save Exchange Fees (for Canadian Shopify Partners)

At Unite this year I talked to other Canadian Shopify developers who were using PayPal to transfer money from Shopify into their Canadian dollar bank accounts. They were surprised to learn that you don't have to do that - there's a way to keep the Shopify...

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