TRY REPLAY TODAY. Instantly clone products & product images, collections, pages, blogs, and themes to multiples stores.

The power to copy Shopify elements between stores.


Replay copies products and product details, including product images, from one store to another.


Replay copies both smart collections and custom collections from one store to another.


Replay copies your themes, and all theme files.


Replay copies your pages from one store to another.


Replay copies your blog, and blog posts, from one store to another store.

What is Replay?

Sync Products, Inventory To Multiple Stores

With Replay, you can easily manage multiple stores by syncing products & inventory, customers, pages, blogs, themes and more to multiple stores instantly.

Create and Manage Multiple Stores

Create and manage multiple stores easily with Replay. Using Replay, you can instantly copy your products & product images, collections, blogs, pages and themes from one store to another.

Update, Don't Copy

Replay will update an item in the destination store if the item has the same handle as the one it's copying, making Replay the best tool for managing multiple stores.

Copy your store today.

Custom pricing based on your needs.

Replay costs $0.10 per item copied. Each store that you copy to counts as one copy.

If you want to setup continuous copy tasks, which automatically replicate changes from one store to another, it's $59 / month per store.

Successful Copy Guarantee.

That Shopify knowledge is how we're able to offer our money back guarantee. If we try to copy your store, and something doesn't work, you won't be charged. We get notified of every failure immediately, and work hard to ensure that data copies successfully. We'll fix the problem quickly, and let you know when it's fixed so you can run the copy again.