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From October 15 to December 31st 2019, you can backup and quickly restore your online products, avoiding the cost of unwanted downtime during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Boxing Day

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Shopify’s Merchant Success Manager recommends Rewind…

“Thousands of Shopify store owners swear by this service. I have many merchants, friends, and people in the industry that I know are using Rewind and they’re very, very satisfied. So go check it out!”

Steve Hutt
Merchant Success Manager at Shopify and Podcast Host at

Why you need to backup your ecommerce store this holiday season

Ecommerce platforms backup and restore their platform – not your individual store. If a meteor hits a Shopify or BigCommerce data center, they’ll roll back their entire platform to a time when everything worked perfectly.

If you upload a bad CSV file, make a mistake editing your store, a 3rd-party app deletes your data, or a disgruntled employee or contractor breaks your store – you’ll be fixing your store instead of cashing in on the holidays.

Gymshark lost $143,000 during 8 hours of Black Friday downtime

“It was an absolute nightmare. One bug in one app we weren’t even using crashed the entire site. It was the lowest of lows.”

“Our online stores are the heartbeat of the business. Rewind gives us peace of mind that our stores are backed up on a daily basis.”

Seb Mills
IT Director at Gymshark, Rewind customer

How your free Rewind backup works

Link your Shopify or BigCommerce store from this page

Just  type in your store address, and click the “Install” button on this page, choose a plan, and you’re done. We don’t even require a credit card to get started with your free product backup.

Create your backup automatically

Your backup starts immediately with no effort on your end – we’ll notify you when your store’s data is secure. This backup is kept by us, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Need automatic daily and unlimited on-demand backups? Upgrade to a paid plan from just $9 per month. Learn more about upgrading.

Exhale – you can relax now

Whether it’s an innocent mistake, a 3rd-party app, or an unhappy employee or contractor that compromises your store during peak shopping season – you’re safe.

With a couple of clicks, you can rewind your products and their associated data to your backed up version.

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20,000+ companies get “peace of mind” and are protected from catastrophic data loss

Rewind saved my business from a rogue Shopify Partner!

Having complained about their poor quality work, their response was to seize ownership of my Shopify store, then systematically delete the entire site I had built and already paid for, including the new web app. Following this they made a ransom demand to “open negotiations”.

In just a few minutes, all my deleted data has been restored, back to where it was before the hack.

-Zanzi Beauty

Today an app support team broke our website…

…and left a jumbled mess. It would have cost us 1000s of $$$ in lost sales. We hit the Rewind button and within minutes our site was up and back to normal. It works!!!


I noticed my website was COMPLETELY messed up…

…on the front end, the layout had errors, my add on apps weren’t working, SEO score dropped by half etc.

Thank God for rewind, I set it back to when I believed the work started and my website was fixed and back to normal. Having spent countless(!) hours perfecting the front end experience and 3k products, I would’ve lost my mind if I’d had to start over or pay a ton of money and wait weeks to identify and fix the coding.

-Unique World Inspirations

This app is worth its weight in gold.

I’ve used it multiple times in the last couple months to clean up some unintentional mistakes with the theme/files in my store, caused from experiments with the design, etc. If I had to pay a coder to repair my store after each coding misfortune, I’d have needed a war chest.

Instead – I can fix literally any unexpected problem in my store by spending a second to rewind it to a date or an hour where everything had been working well.

-Cute and Lovely

This app SAVED our life!

I almost fainted when I noticed one of our developers maliciously deleted all of our products (3000+). We immediately contacted Shopify and they literally could do nothing!!! Nothing. They just apologized and said we should have backed up the products. I was losing my mind when…

Then I remembered that we’ve had a subscription with Rewind so I emailed them about the issue. They responded in no more than 15 minutes and they told us they still have a back up of all our products until the day we removed the app.

YOU NEED THIS APP more than any other app out there! Make sure you get it today or further down the road you might regret it!

-Quint Essentials Clothing

I was able to revert the corrupt data with 1 click

Did you update your Shopify theme and suddenly the theme broke? If not, trust me, this is going to happen sooner or later.

It happened to me today and I was really lucky I had installed the app some time ago and I was able to revert the corrupt data with just 1 click. Also, while I was really scared to lose all my work out of the blue, I got some support via chat in real time and was told that even if something goes wrong I will get a manual fix from their devs,

-Gadbe Shop

Must-have for BC store owners

This is at the top of the list for must-have apps for BigCommerce stores. Having been an owner/operator on BigCommerce platform since 2010, I can tell you backups of essential data and design elements has never been easy.

Downloading CSV files, exporting theme templates, writing scripts to attempt to automate this…and maintaining/updating those processes as BigCommerce evolves. Nightmare. Inefficient and not dependable. Rewind is a simple and thoughtless solution.

-Mellanox Technologies

Upgrade for on-demand and automatic daily backups for as little as $9 per month

This promotion gives you a one-time backup of your Shopify or BigCommerce products. When you upgrade, you will unlock automatic daily backups for more than just your products. This allows you to restore the items you care about to whichever version you’d like. 

Automated daily backups
Each day at midnight in your time zone, we’ll backup changes made to your Shopify or BigCommerce store – automatically.

On-demand backups
Making a bunch of changes to your store? You can trigger a backup whenever you’d like to give you peace of mind before making your changes.

Flexible data restores
Rewind individual items, multiple items, or your entire store to any version. It’s never been so easy to recover from both small and catastrophic losses of data.

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Still not sure if you need a backup for the holiday season? See why leading ecommerce stores added Rewind and never looked back.

“If you’re on this platform, you’re going to leverage 3rd-party apps. There’s not a better way to manage that risk.”

Jonathan Poma

“If you’re looking for something to make sure your information is safeguarded, I definitely recommend Rewind.”

Matthew Huffman
Model Train Stuff

“I feel more confident moving through our products, knowing that should I mess up, we’re good – we’ve got that backup.”

Julia Friesen


It’s free… what’s the catch?

No catch. If you have a Shopify or BigCommerce store with 10,000 or fewer products, you can get a backup of your store’s products and protect yourself during the holiday shopping season (October 15 to December 31, 2019). This means you can rewind individual products, or your entire product catalogue to your one free backup.

What if I get stuck or have questions?

For the vast majority of our customers, being a Rewind customer means adding the app, forgetting about it until you need to rewind, and then restoring data in a couple of clicks.

If you do get stuck, we have a whole team of engineers and customer support experts ready to help.

What’s the difference between this promotion and a paid plan?

The difference between this promotion and a paid plan comes down to coverage and frequency of the backups. This promotion offers a one-time backup of products, whereas a paid plan offers ongoing, automatic backups of many items (products, themes, blogs, customers and more). This promotion is only available until December 31st, 2019.

Can I upgrade later?

Of course. If you have 10,000 or fewer products and you aren’t a current Rewind customer, you can get started with the free promotion offer for Shopify or BigCommerce and upgrade to a paid plan anytime.

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