Master the Art of Pricing Your Practice

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Learn from industry leaders how to value yourself and price your accounting practice!


What we will be discussing…

  • How to transition from hourly to fixed fee or value-pricing
  • How to value yourself and create a pricing model
  • How to include app subscription fees in a pricing model
  • How to determine who my ideal clients are


Industry leaders Kellie, Brian and Tanya join forces with Rewind to talk about one of the hottest topics in the bookkeeping and accounting world; PRICING 🔥Our panellists combined have 10+ years of experience in the industry and on top of running their own practice, they also coach others on how to succeed in cloud accounting.

Tanya Hilts
Cloud Bookkeeping Services


Rewind is the leading backup service for SaaS applications, including QuickBooks Online, Shopify and BigCommerce. Since 2015, Rewind has been on a mission to help businesses protect their cloud data and quickly recover after data loss. Thousands of businesses trust Rewind with their backups.

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